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Colloidal Oat Bath

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Colloidal Oat Bath
Colloidal Oat Bath
Colloidal Oat Bath
Colloidal Oat Bath- 1 Bath Pack or 4 for $13.50

Helps calm and relax any skin irritations or rashes with a touch of organic lavender oil and chamomile flowers. Great for eczema and psoriasis! 2oz

Active Ingredients( fine silky powders):
** Colloidal Oats- this fine oat powder helps soothes eczema and skin rashes.
** Chamomile flower- heals and calms the skin
** Organic Lavender Oil- relaxes your skin.

Directions: Pour 1 Bath Packet into warm bath. For babies use half packet.

Ingredients: organic oats, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender oil.

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