Bulk Colloidal Oat Baths

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Bulk Colloidal Oat Baths
Bulk Colloidal Oat Baths
Bulk Colloidal Oat Baths
Minimum order of 50  2oz individual bags discounted along with free shipping. Please see individual listing for ingredients and details. It can come with or without the label. Please leave a note of your preference.

Helps calm and relax any skin irritations or rashes with a touch of organic lavender oil and chamomile flowers. Great for eczema and psoriasis! 2oz

Active Ingredients( fine silky powders):
** Colloidal Oats- this fine oat powder helps soothes eczema and skin rashes.
** Chamomile flower- heals and calms the skin
** Organic Lavender Oil- relaxes your skin.

Directions: Pour 1 Bath Packet into warm bath. For babies use half packet.

Ingredients: organic oats, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender oil.

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